the Dominant Hen Pecan Box Call
the Dominant Hen Purple Heart Box Call
the Dominant Hen Brazilian Cherry Box Call
the Dominant Hen Yellow Heart Box Call

Ready to Kill!

The "Dominant Hen Box Call" is a true custom hand-crafted box call. The one-piece trough-style box is small in hand with a big realistic hen sound! It's Select select Walnut construction with matched pecan lid, produces perfect two-tone yelps, great clucks, cuts and cackles.

TT-23A Dominant Hen Aluminum
the Dominant Hen Glass
TT-24S Dominant Hen Slate

Our friction calls

are constructed of #1 Grade Black Walnut. They are paired with a custom Flared Bell Tip Striker. The pots or weather sealed. Choose from Glass Over Glass, Slate Over Glass or Anodized Aluminum over Glass.

TT-26 Hickory
TT-28 Camo Laminate Birch
TT-29 Yellow Heart
TT-30 Purple Heart
TT-31 The Hot Stick
woman hunting while husband runs the calls