TT-1 Redneck Hen
TT-2 Cracked Corn 3 Reed Ghost
TT-3 Hot Sauce

Our Diaphragm Calls

are handmade one at a time on specially designed presses. Only the highest quality of latex, tape and frames are used to make these calls. Consistency is our number one priority. Our diaphragm calls are easy to blow and have the realistic sound that will drive the Toms wild!

TT-5 Butt Naked Hen
TT-7 Tominator 2.5 Reed Cutter
TT-8 Tominator 2.5 Reed V Cut
TT-9 Dominant Hen 3.5 Reed Cutter
TT-10 Dominant Hen V Cut
TT-11 Big Mama
TT-12 Teaser Pleaser 3 Reed
TT-17 Bahama Mama 3 Reed
Great materials make great turkey calls
TT-45 Bad Girl
TT-44 Blood Cut
TT-46 The Meat Call

Pro Series

1. The Bad Girl is a super realistic call. Makes all the sounds of a hot hen in the spring!

2. The Blood Cut Great locator call with good backbone and medium raspy hen sounds.

3. The Meat Call will produce the meat for the deep fryer.

TT-13 The Cremator
TT-15 The Cremator
TT-16 The Gravedigger

R.I.P. Series

1. The Undertaker has a new designed cut over two prophylactic reeds. It is super user friendly with a great backbone to the call!

2. The Cremator is a bat cut with medium rasp and will call soft and cut hard and fast.

3. The Grave Digger also has a new designed cut with two prophylactic reeds on the bottom that will produce any call softly or with great volume.

Redneck Hen
TT-SM5 Butt Naked Hen
TT-SM8 Tominator 2.5 Reed V Cut

Small Frames

Tom Teasers Small Frame Diaphragms Calls are the same great quality as our standard frame calls. The small frame call is very popular to the adult with a small pallet as well as the young and upcoming Turkey Killer! Very consistent running calls with a real hen sound!

TT-SM12 Teaser Pleaser
TT-SM14 Call Girl
The longest lasting most consistent mouth call on the market guaranteed